My thoughts on Giulio Cesare at the Met Opera


Giulio Cesare as an overall production was AMAZING! It showed that opera can be both entertaining and emotional! The dancing was cute and fun and although it seemed weird plot wise, it went with the music quite well. The entertainment aspect was kind of needed to keep the audience engaged for a 4 hour da capo fest so I welcomed the funny staging with open arms. 



Just as Cleopatra stole Giulio Cesare’s heart with “V’adoro pupille”, so Natalie Dessay stole mine! Her phrasing made every aria fresh and painfully beautiful. Her amazing ornamentation turned every di capo aria into a never ending journey and showed off her voice while expanding on the emotions Cleopatra was feeling. After hearing “V’adoro pupille” so many times, I thought I would be immune to it’s emotional effects. Instead I CRIED! She was the definition of why more is more when it comes to ornaments as long as they are done completely right. 


I am ashamed to be jumping on the Dessay train so late! BUT IT’S TRUE, I LOVE HER!


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